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If a home elevator is something you dream about but just don’t think is realistic for your home, think again! For many homeowners, an elevator ends up being just the thing they need to add the convenience and style to their home they were hoping for! Before long, most homeowners don’t know how they ever went without a residential elevator!

7 Reasons to Get a Home Elevator

Don’t believe us? These 7 reasons to get a home elevator will have you convinced in no time! 


If your home design includes multiple levels, carrying heavy items like groceries or luggage up several flights of stairs can be incredibly taxing. But this is one reason home elevators are a rising trend! With an in-home elevator, you can quickly get from one floor to the next along with whatever you’re carrying. 


If someone in your home has mobility challenges, including requiring the use of a walker or a wheelchair, a residential elevator can be a game-changer for their mobility. They can be an excellent alternative to chair lift systems, and there are different types of elevators to choose from depending on the needs of the people in your home. 

If you’d like to explore chair lift or wheelchair lift options as well, have a look at our South Florida wheelchair lift & stair chair lift installation services here. 


Parents with small children know just how easily a child can slip and fall while trying to go up or down stairs — stairs can be especially dangerous if they’re not carpeted. In many homes, a residential elevator is a safer option than stairs that gives parents peace of mind about their children moving from one floor of the home to the next. Home elevators not only help keep children safe from falling on steps, but they’re also useful for preventing slip and falls by adults too. 

Of course, children should still be supervised around elevators and proper safety precautions must be taken. You can read more about that in this useful article that outlines tips for riding elevators safely.  

 Adding space to your home design

Thanks to clever interior designers and architects, elevators can be built to take up less space than ever. And yes, this means even less space than a stairwell! Not to mention, home elevators can be built to be flush with the wall so unless they’re being used, you won’t even notice they’re there. 

Have a look at this sleek home elevator with a regular door design from our website. 


Many home elevators have built in security systems to ensure only the people granted access can use them. Often, this means a key card must be scanned in the elevator before it will move. This can provide a lot of extra peace of mind for homeowners who want to add to the security of their home. 


Like we said, elevators can be built to be more compact than ever before but they can also be more stylish than you ever thought possible! 

Looking for home elevator design ideas? Take a look at this machine roomless elevator as an example. With sleek wood paneling, elegant lighting, and floor to ceiling mirrors, it could be just the style statement your home needs.