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When you install a residential stairlift in your home or purchase a home with an existing stairlift, you’ll quickly realize there are so many benefits to having one available. We often hear from clients who say they don’t know how they ever lived without their residential stairlift — they’re THAT useful! 

However, it isn’t only convenience that draws homeowners to this technology. In fact, there are several other benefits we’re going to cover today. 

6 Benefits of Stairlifts

  1. Independence
  2. Safety
  3. Indoor/outdoor use
  4. Practical
  5. Economic
  6. Minimal space requirements

Now, let’s dive into each of these benefits to help you determine if a residential stairlift might be the right choice for your home and your family.

Independence for Wheelchair Users

Whether a homeowner is confined to a wheelchair or regularly makes use of one, installing a residential chairlift can provide them with the independence to get around their home they may have been missing. The ability to safely and quickly get from one floor of your home to the next in a wheelchair is one of the most impactful and important benefits of having a stairlift installed. 

While this article is focused on residential stairlifts, there are many benefits to commercial stairlifts and other vertical transportation use as well. Here, we provide an accessibility guide for small businesses you won’t want to miss. 

Chairlift Safety

You’ve probably heard scary stories of falls that take place on residential staircases. Often, these falls happen to elderly homeowners who are just trying to get around their home. In fact, studies suggest that in the United States, 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 falls every year. 

This causes serious safety concerns, but hiring a full-time caregiver or support to prevent these falls isn’t always possible. That means many people who have difficulty walking up and down stairs may still have to do this several times a day just to make use of their home. 

But with a chairlift, a homeowner can safely and smoothly transport themselves to and from different levels in their home. It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind this gives homeowners and their family members. 

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Many homes require climbing a set of stairs just to reach the front door. For residents with limited mobility, this is a clear issue.

Luckily, there are options for residential vertical lifts that can be used indoors and outdoors so all areas of your home are accessible. Many homeowners choose to have a wheelchair lift installed outside of their home and a stairlift installed within the home for longer staircases. 

Have a look at some of the options for vertical lifts we have available here. 


Anyone who’s moved houses before knows just what a headache it can be. But if you’re unable to get around your two-story home, your only option might seem like it could be moving to a single-level home. If there were a more practical solution that meant you could stay in the home you love, wouldn’t you take it? 

That’s precisely what a stairlift can mean for many homeowners: the ability to live in their home and move around it comfortably and safely without having to move to a single-level home or hiring help. 


The economic impact of hiring full or part-time care for homeowners who need assistance with getting around their home is simply too great for many people. One of the great benefits of a residential impact is that beyond the initial investment, the economic impact is low compared to hiring help, moving to a new home, or moving to a care facility. 

Minimal Space Requirements

Did you know most residential stairlifts can be installed in just one day? On top of that, you don’t need an incredibly spacious home to accommodate a stairlift. For some homeowners with more room to spare, a residential elevator could be the way to go. Before you rule out having a residential elevator installed, take a look at this useful information about small residential elevators that could work for your home. 

But if you’re too limited on space or budget, a stairlift could be just the thing to help you get around your home! 

The spatial requirements for your stairlift will depend on things like the necessary weight capacity, as well as other considerations like a straight or curved stairway, the type of wheelchair you have, and more. 

Stairlift Cost with Rise Above Elevator

We’ve outlined many of the benefits and reasons homeowners choose to add a stairlift to their property. We also know that cost is also a serious consideration for most people. 

We truly want to help bring ease to your life. Which is why we offer stairlifts as an affordable option to help you move more freely around your house. The exact cost of your stairlift will depend on things like; the type of lift you’re having installed, size and space requirements, and any upgrades you choose. We also cover important pricing information for residential elevators here. 

If you’re in the market for any ADA accessibility equipment, Rise Above Elevator is here to help!

If you’re interested in learning more, please call us today for a free quote. We also have the shortest wait times from the contract to installation for stairlift installation. From the time our state-certified technicians arrive, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing the work was done well.