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South Florida Wheelchair Lift & Stair Chair Lift Installation Services

Here at Rise Above Elevator we offer a wide variety of wheelchair and stair chair lifts. Wheelchair lifts and stair chair lift or a convenient and affordable way to bypass the stairs.

A wheelchair or stair chair lift is a more affordable option to a residential elevator. We realize that sometimes a homeowner is in need of ADA “American with Disabilities Act”  equipment.

Wheelchair lifts come in a large variety of sizes and styles. We have any piece of equipment to meet all your needs.

Sometimes the unexpected happens so let Rise Above Elevator help. All of our equipment meets and exceeds all ADA requirements and will be installed by properly trained state certified technicians in a timely manner.

Rise Above Elevator is in the business of helping people and enjoy seeing your life get easier. 

Installation Options

We offer the smoothest hydraulic and residential elevator in the industry. Our residential hydraulic elevator lifts are 2 to 1 roped hydro-systems with the most structurally engineered slings to carry your cab. Read More...

Our MRL home lift is a winding drum overhead motor fully engineered lift. This lift uses two ⅜  of an inch top grade cables to raise and lower the elevator.


Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Rise Above Elevator offers several different options for direct drive vertical platform lifts.

Our lifts include are the highest quality in the industry with the most smooth and quiet ride on the market.

We offer both indoor and outdoor units to handle any climate or weather.

Platform lifts are great options for both home and commercial settings. We offer a wide variety of platform sizes as well along with different sizes we offer several colors.

Our direct drive wheelchair lift units have a battery backup system that allows you to use it even during a power outage never feel stranded again. Additionally, every lift has an emergency stop switch for your security at all times.

Give Rise Above Elevator a call to install your new platform lift. 


Wheelchair Lift Standard Packages


Our team stands by a full, one-year warranty to ensure quality & safety.

Weight Capacity

Our lifts have a weight capacity of 750 pounds.

Lift Speed

Our wheelchair lifts travel at the industry standard or 12 feet per minute.

Power Unit

Our wheelchair lifts are powered by an industry standard 12v DC motor.

Lift Platform

We build our vertical lift platforms with 42" galvanized steel walls.

Safety & Security

Our vertical platform wheelchair lifts meets All ADA codes - ASME 18.1, ASME 17.5, CSA B355, CSA B613

Vertical Lift Custom Upgrades

  • Enclosures

    We offer options for full enclosure systems.

  • Ventilation

    RAE can create various ventilation options or roofing options.

  • Custom Flooring

    RAE can create custom flooring options for colors or dimensions.

  • Glass

    We offer glass upgrades for our enclosures.

  • Lighting Options

    We can incorporate a number of different lighting options for your new cab.

  • Capacity

    Options to increase weight limits up to 1,000 pounds.

  • Lift Doors

    Our team can upgrade our lifts to include automatic gates & doors.

  • Handrails

    Options for additional cab handrails for additional safety.

  • Custom Cab Options

    Multiple color options for both residential or commercial lifts.


RAE Stair Chair Lifts

Rise Above Elevator knows sometimes there comes a time where you may find it difficult to move up and down your stairs.

We want to help bring ease to your life. Stair chairs are an affordable option to help you move more freely around your house. Stair Chairs are designed to blend into your home. We believe they should look as though they were meant to be there.

We are considered the leader in vertical travel. If you don’t read about it don’t hesitate to call were sure we can meet your needs. We have the shortest wait times from contract to installation. From the time our state certified technicians show up you will feel safe and secure to know it is installed properly. So if you want to keep your independence give us a call for a free quote.

If you are in need of a chair lift for your home, give Rise Above Elevator a call to have their state certified technicians give you a lift and install a new unit in your home.

If your in the market for any ADA accessibility equipment Rise Above Elevator has it all to offer. 

Wheelchair Lift Capabilities


Our team stands by a full, one-year warranty to ensure quality & safety.

Weight Capacity

Our standard lift has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Cab Speed

Our lift system has a industry average speed of 24 feet per minute.

Operating Drive

Our lifts consist of a winding drum technology for less force.


The RAE lifts consist of a soft stop/start action for maximum comfort.


Each of our wheelchair lifts are guaranteed to meet all ASME 18.1 codes.

Lift Custom Upgrades

  • Lift Colors

    We offer 3 different colors for our wheelchair lifts.

  • Custom Cabs

    RAE has a number of options cab selections for customization.

  • Ramp Options

    We have a number of both power and fixed ramp options.

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