Elevator Options & Installation

Personalized Elevator Options

Rise Above Elevator recognizes that people install residential elevators for many reasons. Owning a home lift is becoming a common convenience, similar to an appliance.

Whatever the reason, a residential elevator is a great investment for the future of your home. Many times, homeowners have residential elevators installed in preparation for aging in place, an upcoming surgery, moving in a elderly family member, or even for their pets if they have trouble going up and down the stairs.

Our team of experts will provide you the ADA accessibility you need and deserve. Give us a call today to find out how we can elevate your lifestyle with the convenience of a home lift.

Hydraulic Elevators

Quiet Ride Lift (QRL)

We offer the smoothest hydraulic residential elevator in the industry. Our residential hydraulic elevator lifts are 2-to-1 roped hydro-systems with structurally engineered slings to carry your cab.

Our lifts capacity ratings are determined by the square footage of your cab. Standard capacity is 1,000 pounds.

Our installation team is led by state-certified elevator technicians to ensure that all of our lifts are built to meet and exceed ASME 17.1 5.3 standards, which is currently the national elevator and private residence elevator building code.

Adjacent, Remote, and Overhead Machine Rooms

A QRL requires a machine room and the ideal location for it is adjacent to the hoistway. Remote machine rooms are no problem either, but they will require a pre-pipe either overhead or underground. For projects that don’t have a machine room we also offer a machine roomless installation. Please allow us time to review the site and plans to ensure what type installation best suits your needs.

An overhead head attic machine room is also a good choice, provided there is enough room to accommodate the equipment. It is required by the national elevator code (Per ASME 17.1 5.3 Private Residence Code) to have a clearance of 36” in front of the controller with no obstructions.

Wood & Glass Options

Rise Above Elevator also offers custom cab design packages with a variety of elegant cab options so your beautiful elevator can stand out as a feature in your home.

Our wood cabs can be built from a variety of wood species such as maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and exotic species as well, stained and/or finished to your liking.

Our custom QRL can also be designed with glass panels—from just a window to a fully glass hoistway. All glass is stamped laminated safety glass with a ANSI Z97.1 rating.

Doors & Gates

All QRL gates can either be fully automatic or have a manual accordion gate closer. Rise Above Elevator also offers several different door options—pre-primed for your custom touch, stainless, and 2 hour-rated glass doors. We offer a large variety of accordion gates for a truly custom and timeless feel. See our custom upgrades list below.

Package Options

You dream it, we build it.

Our Quiet Ride Lift (QRL) basic standard package travels at 40 feet per minute. We also offer quicker speeds depending on overhead and clearances of the hoistway. The QRL is also built to fit your hoistway, allowing the maximum amount of square footage for your cab. The basic package offers a flat wall paint-grade birch cab with stainless handrail, hall and car fixtures, recessed LED cab lighting with a solid panel accordion gate.

Rise Above Elevator also offers the QRL as a fully-automatic elevator. Our fully-automatic residential elevators are built to last. We offer single-speed, two-speed, and three-speed commercial doors from the top commercial door industry providers.

Rise Above Elevator can build a QRL to meet any client’s needs. Best of all, we offer the industry’s shortest turn-around time from contract to installation.

Standard Package

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 1,000 Capacity
  • 1–6 stops
  • 40 Feet per Minute
  • Industry-Leading Cab Stabilization Features for the Smoothest Ride
  • Paint-Grade Birch Wood Cab
  • Stainless COP (Cabin Operating Panel)
  • Stainless Hall Calls
  • 1 Stainless Handrail
  • Maximum Cab Size Built to Fit Hoistway (within code requirements)
  • Clear Lucite or Solid White panel accordion gate
  • Smooth Quiet Ride
  • All COPs have an Integrated Phone
  • Emergency Light
  • Battery Back-Up Emergency Lowering
  • All Lifts Can have a Homing Floor
  • 8 ft. Cab (100 in. overhead clearance is required. Shorter cabs available.)
  • LED Cab Lighting
  • Flooring Provided by Others
  • Best Safety Features in the Industry
  • All Lifts Meet and Exceed ASME A2013 17.1 Private Residence National
  • Elevator Code
  • Onsite Consultations

Custom Upgrades

  • Automatic Accordion Gate Operators
  • Custom Plating
  • Quicker Travel Speeds
  • A large variety of accordion gates (See Accordion Gate Brochure)
  • Scissor Gates
  • Many different species of wood for your custom cab (Please Inquire If not Advertised)
  • Large Cab Selection See Website and Brochure for options
  • All wood species of wood can be lacquer finished
  • Mirrors ANSI 97.1 rated and stamped
  • Fully automatic commercial doors
    Glass and stainless cabs

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