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Are you wondering, “who can service my elevator in South Florida?” Well, you’ve come to the right place! Rise Above Elevator is the premier elevator installation, servicing, and maintenance company in the area. 

We are a family-owned and operated company with our roots planted right here in South Florida. We believe in providing quality service for all our customers, which is why we use the industry’s top equipment manufacturers. 

We are your top full service provider for all your vertical travel needs — whether you’re looking for commercial or residential elevator service, maintenance, modernization, or installation.

Who can service my elevator?

If you already have an elevator installed in your home or business, you might be on the lookout for an elevator service company for routine maintenance, elevator modernization, or perhaps something has gone wrong and you’re in need of elevator repair.

Whatever it is — we can help! 

We always strive for rapid response times to ensure our customers receive the treatment they deserve. We also have some of the elevator industry’s top technicians available to service your equipment, all of which are state-certified CC/CET “Certificate Of Competency”  and “Certified Elevator Technician” to ensure that our customers get only the top service for their elevator equipment.

Our elevator technicians are also OSHA certified to ensure they keep not only themselves safe but everyone around them safe too. This includes your curious pets who may want to take a look at what we are doing!

Our service technicians attend continued education courses every year to ensure we stay up to date on current code changes and everything else we need to know to keep your vertical lift safe and effective for you and your family. 

The premier elevator company in South Florida

What makes us the premier elevator company in South Florida? For starters, we are meticulous during every part of the elevator installation process to ensure your elevator is properly installed from the beginning. 

We also keep our clients informed and up to date with what we’re doing. We love educating our clientele about the routine maintenance that’s required to keep their elevator in the best condition possible and running smoothly for years to come. 

We’re also happy to teach our clients about all the different parts of the elevator, from the elevator car to the elevator shaft and the machine room (if there is one) and much more! If you’re interested, you can also learn about the type of motors used in elevators here. 

Elevator maintenance, elevator installation, and elevator service

There are many reasons a homeowner chooses to install a residential elevator in an existing home, or why they’d want to build a new one with an elevator included. For some, an elevator is purely for convenience — no more lugging heavy items up and down stairs! For others, an elevator is a necessity for getting around the home for homeowners with different mobility needs. 

No matter the reason for wanting to have an elevator installed or modernized, it’s important to choose the right elevator company if you want the job done properly. 

Before you choose an elevator company for new elevator installation, these are some of the questions you’ll want to ask:

  1. Are all of your technicians state-certified and properly trained? Can I see proof of this certification? You want this number to be low per elevator, because that indicates the elevator was properly installed in the first place. Some elevator issues can be related to the elevator’s owner not keeping up with a routine maintenance program though. Here’s more information on that. 
  2. How many service calls do you make per year and how many chargeable calls do you make per year? 
  3. What is the typical cost of a service call? You can compare these numbers between elevator companies to see which rates fit your budget best. 
  4. Can I see examples of your work or speak to past clients about their experience? 

Elevator modernization

If your elevator is already installed but you’re interested in elevator modernization, you have all sorts of options. 

These are some of the reasons people move forward with elevator modernization:

● Higher elevator repair costs related to controls than expected

● The elevator is inefficient or unreliable

● Personal safety considerations

● Increased elevator shutdowns and entrapments

● Landing and leveling problems

● Poor ride quality

● To help decrease energy costs

● Serviceability/proprietary controls

● The need for more elevator car space

All of these reasons for wanting to modernize your elevator can be addressed! 

At Rise Above Elevator, some of our upgrades include adding brass or oil rubbed bronze hall calls or a brass or oil rubbed bronze cabin operating panel, as well as increased speed options and adding automatic accordion gate operators. We also offer several wood varieties for your cab, as well as other custom cab options like glass and stainless cabs. 

No matter what kind of elevator service, repair, maintenance, modernization, or installation you need, we’d love to help you out. Give us a call today so we can get started! We also offer 24/7 emergency service, so help is available whenever you need it.  We look forward to hearing from you!