Rise Above Elevators specialize in commercial & dumbwaiter installation & service.

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Rise Above Elevators specializes in both installation of commercial and residential dumbwaiters. Additionally, our team is certified and licensed to work on all brands, so service and maintenance is crucial to ensure that our clients receive quality service. 

Design & Installation

The team at Rise Above Elevators consists of engineers and designers to create amazing dumbwaiters for both residential or commercial settings. We ensure that our clients receive quality service so that your dumbwaiter lasts a lifetime.

Service & Maintenance

The team at Rise Above Elevators consists of licensed technicians to troubleshoot any problem that you may have with your commercial or residential dumbwaiter. Our maintenance team has an indepth checklist to ensure that we prolong the life of your dumbwaiter.

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Our staff will ensure that your dumbwaiter is designed as you imagine it or work to ensure that your dumbwaiter is serviced & maintained with today’s code.

Wheelchair lifts are an excellent solution for adding accessibility

Wheelchairs are also known as platform lifts. These lifts are fully powered and designed for wheelchairs in order to add convenience, to overcome obstacles and vertical barriers that may be in your path of travel. It’s our mission to bring comfort and ease to your life. Wheelchair lifts give you back your sense of freedom, mobility and quality of life.

Wheelchair lifts are an effective means of overcoming accessibility issues. Whether you are looking to take your wheelchair from the ground to your deck or if you need accessibility in a commercial building, we can meet your needs. We offer a full range of platform lifts for indoor and outdoor applications.

Open vertical platforms typically travel up to 5 feet. These overcome shorter barriers and are ADA compliant. Open vertical platforms are a space saving alternative to ADA ramps.

Enclosed lifts can travel up to 14 feet in commercial settings. If you need ADA accessibility over 14 feet of travel, you can also contact us for a LULA “Limited Use/Limited Application.

When designing a business or home with wheelchair accessibility in mind, a site visit from Rise Above Elevator can provide solutions for your accessibility needs.

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You Dream It, We Build It.

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