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Elevator cab with windows

At Rise Above Elevator, we are dedicated to providing both homeowners and business owners with elevators that increase accessibility and convenience in their homes. If you are building your dream home or currently have a multi-story home, consider adding one of our custom-built home elevators. When it comes to installing a home elevator you should always trust the experts.

Types of Elevators

Depending on the type of elevator you decide to go with you might be able to have a window installed. However, certain times of elevators do not have windows installed because they are already offering 360-degree views.

Pneumatic elevators offer 360-degree views because of the material used to install properly. This vertical transportation, while it boosts great views does have limited upgrades and customization. Pneumatic elevators have a clear, polycarbonate elevator shaft, and is easy to install in existing spaces.

Hydraulic elevators, cable elevators, and chain elevators all have the ability to have added windows in the elevator cab. Unfortunately, not all elevators can have windows as they are surrounded by a wall, or do not offer “nice” views. Other reasons an elevator might not have a window is being able to see the working parts, including the machine room, piston, or cables.

Another reason some elevators do not have windows is their placement in existing homes. They might be placed in a spot that does not have a good view or they are looking to save on their budget.

Custom Design Options

We can create whatever you may have in mind by pulling from your ideas and ours and using striking materials. We have created stainless steel cabs, all-glass cabs and more.

Our customizable interior features include:

● Lights: You can choose from standard single LED lighting or customize any variety of lights.
● Wood and stain: We offer traditional maple and oak wood as standard options as well as many upgrades like natural walnut, cherry, and Sapele as well as 20 more stain options for you to choose from.
● Handrails: Handrails function as both a safety feature and an opportunity for the accessory. They come in a multitude of materials, styles and colors, able to compliment the decor in your home.
● Gates: Gates are built for safety and are designed to tie in aesthetically with the overall elevator car design. We have both accordion-style and scissor-style gates that can be manually or automatically opened. Depending the style gate, they do come in a wide selection of colors and materials.
● Accessories: Residential elevators are able to be accessorize to match your style. Full and half glass walls, full and half wall mirrors as well as many other options to make your elevator one of a kind to add to your style.
● Window treatments: Curtains, vinyl wraps, and other window accessories.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern look or something in between, our expert design and manufacturing team will work with you to bring it to life.

Elevator Cab Design

Elevator Cab Design

The elevator cab design is a collection of design, aesthetics, and safety features. It affects more people in more ways than is commonly considered. While we are exploring the adventurous and varied aesthetic applications and use of materials, all of which has to strictly adhere to at least one thing: fire safety and compliance with the code designed to assure it.

The elevator cost is also affected by the number of floors it stops at and the aesthetics options that you choose. If you go with a very small, simple style, the cost and elevator designs are limited.

However, if you opted for a more luxurious elevator car experience you have variety of choices to choose from. You can opt for rich wood paneling, stone, mosaic, mirrors, grab bars — of course, you can not forget elevator music. Some styles of elevators come with the ability to pipe in music. Unfortunately, a lot of the extra luxuries are not available for the pneumatic vacuum elevator.

An overlooked luxury item in your elevator cab is the telephone. Since we don’t always carry our cell phones around with us when we are at home, having an elevator phone for emergencies is important and crucial.

Depending on the elegance and attention to detail in the cab, the total cost to put in an elevator around $100,000. If you have to retrofit and opt for lots of bells and whistles, it could cost more.

Elevator Car Window

Elevator With Windows

Depending on the location of the elevator in a home you could have the option of installing windows. There are some extra features that go into having windows installed, including maintenance of the window frame and extra cleaning.

However, having windows, especially if you have a view, is an incredible feature. Homes that offer views of the beach or mountain can have spectacular views, that should be showcased. But, if you are positioning the elevator that the views are not something you want, you can always opt out of having a window.

If you decide that having a window installed during your elevator installation is right for you there are a few upgrades that you can do in order to make it more personal. These upgrades range from small window treatments to detailed vinyl wraps.

Elevator Window Treatments

When you hear the word window treatment you problem think of curtains, and you are right. However, it is not just the curtain but the rods that hold the fabric, the end brackets, swag, fabric, and more.

Specifying window treatments involve a lot of small details – from the way they are mounted, operated and hemmed to the measurements inside and outside the area of the window. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of important terms to know!

Elevator Window Wraps

If you have an elevator and it does have the best view you are looking for, you do have the option to add your own personal style to it. There are several companies out there that provide residential and commercial wraps for elevators.

If you have a traditional hydraulic elevator, that does or does not have windows, you can always have a view of the beach, mountains or whatever your preferred scene is. This will enhance your experience as you go from floor to floor.

Next Steps

If you are looking to have a home elevator installed, contact the experts at Rise Above Elevator located in South Florida. They are able to offer you suggestions, including installing a window in your elevator, budget friendly ideas and upgrades.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation today.

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