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South Florida Dumbwaiter Installation

Rise Above Elevator offers a residential dumbwaiter for small cargo.

Although dumbwaiters are not designed for passenger or any live cargo travel they will bring your life and the life of your family a new level of convenience and safety.

It will eliminate carrying heavy objects up and down your stairs reducing the risk of an Accidental fall. They do make your everyday life style more convenient.

Transporting laundry, groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. Generally a dumb waiter has a capacity of 200 pounds and travels at 32 FPM “Feet Per Minute” and up to 4 floors. This unit doesn’t take up much space in your home. 

Rise Above Elevator knows a lot is changed since the 1840s when George Cannon invented the first dumbwaiter. More popular name back then was “serving tray” believe it or not. In the 1840s it was generally just mechanical ropes and pulleys.

In  2019 everything is on guide rails with electric motors governors, and guide rollers which make for a much smoother and quieter travel throughout your home. Generally you don’t even hear them moving. This can be the perfect option to lugging heaven objects up and down the stairs.

Rise Above Dumbwaiters

Our dumbwaiter comes in a variety of car sizes. We offer upgraded wood species as well as food grade plastic. The car company quip with center parting doors to keep your cargo safe and secure during transport. 

All of our cars are on for roller guides and have a chain of safety is to keep your cargo safe during travel. Generally it only takes a couple of days to install your unit. 

Rise Above Elevator loves to bring convenience to our customers homes and a dumb waiter is a great way to do it.

A great option for getting your laundry from the utility room to its desired location. Help bring your groceries up to your kitchen. So uses of this piece of equipment are endless. This unit brings a new level of convenience to your life.

If you’re interested in this unit call Rise Above Elevator and have our state certified technicians install one in your home today. 


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Dumbwaiter Standard Features


Our team stands by a full, two-year warranty to ensure quality of service.

Weight Capacity

Our Rise Above Dumbwaiter has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.


Our dumbwaiter system has a top speed of 32 feet per minute.


The Rise Above Dumbwaiters Are installed for up to 50' of travel.

Door Styles

Our system consists of a center parting doors to ensure maximum space efficiency.


The RAE Dumbwaiters are installed with maximum efficiency chain drives.

RAE Custom Upgrades

  • Car Options

    We offer a number of different veneers & food grade plastics.

  • Weight Limits

    We offer an increased weight limit up to 300 pounds.

  • Light Options

    We offer an various options for in-car lighting

  • Locking

    For commercial or residential dumbwaiters, we provide various locking options.

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